What if Church was about being part of a revolution not being a member of an institution?
What if church was about doing life with people rather than sitting beside them once a week? What if what Jesus’ priorities trumped our priorities?
What if the church could build a reputation in the world for love rather than hypocrisy?
What if we didn’t have to listen to people who prefer pews but won’t love their neighbours?
What if mission was more important than maintenance in church?
What if people with broken lives found grace among God’s people rather than judgement?
What if being a Christian was about being like Jesus not just about having prayed the “Jesus Prayer”?
What if as Christians we realise what we do Monday to Saturday is at least as important as what we do on Sunday mornings?
What if we started loving other Christ followers like Christ does?
What if we started loving people who aren’t Christ followers like Christ does?
What if holiness was more about how we treat people than whether we drink or smoke?
What if we didn’t have to pretend to be something we are not to be part of church?
What if mission wasn’t a source of guilt but an opportunity to serve?
What if we really believed that it is more blessed to give than receive?
What if we stopped acting like forgiving other people is optional?
What if we were as excited about Jesus as we are about sport?
What if we believed that the Jesus lifestyle is more fulfilling than the celebrity lifestyle?

What would be your “what if?”

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1 Response to WHAT IF?

  1. Paul says:

    My what if? Would be what if all religions could be better at being who they are rather than their doctrine?

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