Introduction to Mosaic Edinburgh

Mosaic Edinburgh is a new community of followers of Jesus Christ here in Scotland’s capital just setting off on the adventure of discovering what it means to be God’s people in this beautiful city. Our deepest desire as a new church is simply to live by faith, to be known by love, and to be a voice of hope. In case you are wondering the name of our community comes from our diversity and is a symbol for what we believe church is all about. Like an artist using broken pieces to create a beautiful mosaic in stone we believe that God takes our broken and fragmented lives and creates from them a beautiful Mosaic of humanity, a community called the church.

We are just a small group at the moment but we welcome people from all walks of life, regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey. Just to warn you we are a community of people who are in process. We have imperfect messy lives, but we are pursuing and experiencing a transforming relationship with Jesus and with each other. Everybody is welcome here, whatever your story, your questions, doubts or struggles. We are trying to be serious doing life together in community, being intentional about our growth and serving one another, our city and wider world. Interested? Drop us a line, we’d love to connect.

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