MOSAIC EDINBURGH: Our Kingdom Concept



This is part of a process called Church Unique which has been designed to help churches reflect on what God is calling them to uniquely be. We are not going to use the whole process but I wanted to ask that if you are committed to being part of the future of Mosaic Edinburgh you would take the time to print this out, think about it and had it back to James. I think this will give us a really good window into our current “ethos” and also where God might be calling on us to develop missional communities.


A church’s “Kingdom Concept” is the simple, clear, “big idea” that helps churches define what God is calling them to uniquely be and do as a community. A Kingdom Concept is is what differentiates a church from other congregations. It answers the question, “Where and How has God equipped and called us to have the greatest opportunity to have the maximum impact for the Kingdom of God.”


We are going to use questions in these three categories to help us develop our understanding of God’s calling.


What are the unique needs and opportunities here in Edinburgh where God has called us …… What are the unique needs in the whole of the city and where we live?

What area of our city, or group of people are furthest from God?

What needs and opportunities are found within our unique sphere’s of influence, the people we are in contact with?

What significant changes have happened in Edinburgh over the last 10 years, what needs and opportunities has that change created?

Have there been any “spiritual strongholds” in the city, negative spiritual influences, any you think we could address in some way?

What one change would have the most dramatic impact in our your community or amongst your network of people?


What unique resources and capabilities has God brought together in us as a group? (ie. Spiritual gifts, training, education, work experience, financial capabilities, particular anointing for an area of ministry?)

What promise could we make to anyone wanting to be part of Mosaic Edinburgh right now? What would they receive or experience from being part of our community?

What is the most significant thing we as a group could in our city?

What common themes do we have, what are the common aspects of our training, education and work experience?

What atmosphere do we create when we get together?

If we could only do only one expression of mission as a church what should we choose to do given who we are?


Esprit is more than passion its about both the direction the Holy Spirit has led the group and what he has empowered and impassioned them about. What’s our special calling as a group of leaders? What is it that especially excites us in the Kingdom of God? What provokes a “Popeye Moment” for us, what “can’t we stands no more”? What character traits do we want to be known for as a movement?

What one thing bothers you most about the world?

What one thing bothers you most about the church?

What do you pray for the most?

What gives you the most energy?

What do other people say you are really good at?

Who are your heroes and what about their achievements would you like to emulate?

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