Prayer for Mosaic

Here are some pointers to help guide you in focusing prayer on our needs and issues as a church. Why not pray for two each hour?

Pray that our marriages and family relationships will be strengthened.

Pray that strained or broken relationships, among families and friends as well as acquaintances, will be restored.

Pray that we will be united in our worship of God, fellowship with one another, and ministry to our city. Ask God to help us confront and remove any issues and problems that threaten this unity with grace and truth

Pray that we will grow in relationship with Christ as we pick up the Cross and follow the path of discipleship.

Ask God to help each young person making decisions about their future to follow His plan for their lives, both now and in the years to come.

Pray that God will bless our children protecting them from harm and helping them to grow strong in the Lord as they prepare for a lifetime of serving Christ

Pray that the men in our church will have a powerful impact on its ministries, and that they will provide godly example in their homes, the church, and throughout the community.

Pray that the women in our church will also serve as role models of strength, maturity, and ministry at the church, in their families, and in the community.

Pray that Christ will be at the centre of everything we do when we gather with Christ in fellowship and go with him in mission.

Pray that those who encounter Mosaic will sense the love and compassion of Christ, expressed through us

Pray that through us the Kingdom of God will become tangible for us and through us to others, be it in healings, spiritual gifts, and lives that are dramatically changed by Jesus Christ.

Pray for those of us who are battling physical illness or emotional struggles, or facing spiritual needs. Ask for God’s people to to minister to them in practical ways and God’s Spirit to work in their situations in miraculous ways.

Pray that God will meet our financial needs as a church and as families and individuals

Pray that above all else that Mosaic will make an impact in Edinburgh through embodying and expressing the Kingdom of God. That we really would be people who live by faith, are known for love and are a voice of hope.

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