Prayer Walk



Here are the guidelines for our prayer walk this afternoon, did hope to print it out, but I’ve run out of toner.

Walk in groups in groups of 2-4.
Different groups take different routes.
Pray when it comes naturally
Observe what is going on using the questions below, take notes if you think you might forget.

Pray for the blessing of this part of the city, maybe for particular businesses
Pray for the Fiddler’s Elbow and our relationship with it, for good rapport with staff and customers. That our gatherings there would make God’s Kingdom tangible there. That people would come to faith through Mosaic’s ministry there.
Pray for people you see who some how “catch your eye”
Pray against evil in the area, that God’s Kingdom may come and displace darkness.

Look out for the following that might help us better understand the community and pray more intelligently.

What positive qualities, opportunities and benefits does the community have to offer? What are signs that God is already at work in the neighbourhood? Identify potential partners (people, churches, organisations) that the church could come alongside in serving the community.
• What needs and concerns are in evidence? What do you see that might detract from people’s quality of life or hinder people from developing their potential? What challenges are people likely to face as they go about their daily life?
• How might community residents view Mosaic ? Would you be perceived as allies, foreigners, friends, helpers, annoyances, or simply irrelevant?
• What kinds of “vibes” do you get from your encounters in the community? What feels familiar or strange? Safe or dangerous? Friendly or hostile? Happy or sad? Pleasant or uncomfortable?

• Do you sense any barriers to “fitting in” between yourself and the community—language, culture, class, ethnicity, age? What stereotypes about people and places might you have to address to build healthy relationships with people here?
• How is the Good News of the Kingdom of God relevant here? What might it look like if God’s kingdom were realised “on earth as it is in heaven” here in this community? Imagine how Mosaic, working alongside members of the community, might participate in helping the neighbourhood experience God’s design for a good life.
• People groups: Who is standing at bus stops, hanging out on street corners, going into businesses, playing in the park, waiting in line at the store? Note ages, ethnicities, languages, and apparent economic status. How much do you see people interacting with one another?
• Places of activity: Fast food places crowded with youth, a shops, a heavily trafficked areas, playgrounds, schools, theatres, pubs
• Structures: What are the types and conditions of the structures (homes, businesses, roads, parks)? How much “free space” is there in the community? What is the mix of private and public space?
• Services: Where can people go to shop, eat out, get an education, worship, and receive assistance? What appears to be the quantity and quality of available services? Who is providing services, and who is receiving them?
• Signs of change: Note which businesses are opening or closing, and if housing is under construction, for sale, or being demolished. Check for languages added to shop signs, and buildings used in ways different from their original purpose. Overall, do conditions appear to be getting better or worse?
• Signs of hope: Where is there evidence of God’s grace and God’s people at work? Look for churches and nonprofit organisations, playing children, uplifting artwork, Christian symbols, social gatherings, and gardens.
Signs of need: Look for evidence of hardship, hurt or injustice. Is what you see specific to particular areas or affecting the neighbourhood as a whole? Be aware that marginalised people and social problems are often hidden
What signs are there of what you would consider evil?

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