As part of my devotions fairly regularly I read one of Charles Wesley’s hymns ( you can probably guess why I don’t sing it ) Wesley for me weaves, Scripture, theology and Christian experience together in a uniquely powerful way. His hymns are among the richest works of christian spirituality. Wesley’s words bring powerful passages of Scriptures to our mind, he tell us what God has objectively done for us and then describes how we appropriate and experience what God has done for us. If we approach these words in the right attitude Wesley’s words can move our mind from wonder to worship. More than that if we are open to the Spirit we can once more experience what God has done for us.

Below is one my “favourite” Wesley hymns. Why not spend some time contemplating it.

Read the words slowly, think on them and savour them
What is Wesley saying about God?
What is he saying God has done?
What is to be your response to what God has done?
What should we experience as a result of that response?
What have you been reminded of or learned through these words?
Are you experiencing what God has done for you?

O Love divine, what hast thou done!
The immortal God hath died for me!
The Father’s co-eternal Son
Bore all my sins upon the tree.
Th’immortal God for me hath died:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified!

Is crucified for me and you,
To bring us rebels back to God.
Believe, believe the record true,
Ye all are bought with Jesus’ blood.
Pardon for all flows from His side:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified!

Behold and love, ye that pass by,
The bleeding Prince of life and peace!
Come, sinners, see your Savior die,
And say, “Was ever grief like His?”
Come, feel with me His blood applied:
My Lord, my Love, is crucified!

Then let us sit beneath His cross,
And gladly catch the healing stream:
All things for Him account but loss,
And give up all our hearts to Him:
Of nothing think or speak beside,
My Lord, my Love, is crucified!

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