On Sunday we are meeting to help us understand each other and our future as Mosaic Edinburgh better. Below is the work we have done so far which we will be touching on, on Sunday


OUR VISION …. What we strive for:

Mosaic Edinburgh strives to be a movement of missional communities impacting Edinburgh and beyond by experiencing, embodying and expressing the Kingdom Of God.

OUR PASSIONS: (values) What we live for:

BEING PART OF THE MISSION OF GOD (mission) … We are committed to joining God in his mission of transformation in lives, in our city and in our world by following the example of Jesus by the power of the Spirit.
BEING AN EMBODIMENT OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD (Community) …. We are committed to living not as a group of people who attend the same building for events but as the interrelated and interdependent community that is the Body of Christ.
BEING AN EXPRESSION OF THE LOVE OF GOD (Love) … We are committed to love being the aroma of everything we do
BEING AN EXAMPLE OF THE WAY OF GOD (Wholistic Discipleship) … We are committed to our lives expressing our faith 24/7, we resist any sacred/secular divide. We believe we are all called and are as much the Church when we are apart as when we are together.

OUR RHYTHMS : What we live by:

.GATHERING WITH GOD & GOD’S PEOPLE …. in worship and fellowship
.GOING WITH GOD & GOD’S PEOPLE …. in mission & discipleship

OUR PRACTICES: What we live out:

M … <del>Meet three times a week. Have a meal, coffee etc three times a week with someone inside the community and someone outside of it, and an extra to be expressed either way
OOrientate your day. Orientate your day around Christ and his Kingdom by beginning each day by saying the Jesus Creed (love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul and your neighbour as yourself)
SServe three times a week. An act of serving or blessing, big or small to someone inside the community and someone outside of it, and an extra to be expressed either way
AAttend. Be part of the Mosaic Missional Communities, Gatherings, Parties when they happen if you can.
I …. Interact with culture. By 1. Being part of a group not connected with Christianity or Church. 2. Attending an event with no church/christian connections monthly. 3. Reading (listening to) a good non Christian book or watching non Christian video / film bimonthly.
C … Connect with God. By 1. Constantly reading the Gospels 2. Reading another book of the Bible 3. Listening to God in contemplative prayer for at least an hour a week, either in one go or broken into segments. 4. Reading (listening to) a good Christian book or watching Christian teaching on video bimonthly.


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