They sow the wind
    and reap the whirlwind

Hosea 8:7

Sow righteousness for yourselves,
    reap the fruit of unfailing love,

Hosea 10:12

The famers all around our village are harvesting at the moment. They are harvesting what they sowed months ago. Farmers reap what they sow.

 Hosea tells the people of Israel it’s the same for them. Their actions are either sowing eventual judgement from God and they will “reap the whirlwind” or they will harvest blessing from God “the fruit of unfailing love.”

Everyday actions shape our lives now and our eternal destinies. 

Sometimes we make living as God’s people more complicated than it really is.

What if it really was as simple as


Righteousness in essence is the expression of God’s character. When we sow righteousness, our actions are in line with God’s values and expressing them to other people. We sow righteousness when we choose God’s way in the small decisions of everyday life. We sow righteousness when we in the power of the Spirit we do things like choose forgiveness over bitterness, honesty over expediency, love over apathy, purity over fleeting pleasure, integrity over compromise. We sow the whirlwind when we do the opposite.

As I said living for God is not complicated, neither is it easy but the fruit of unfailing love it will grow in our lives, will make it worthwhile.

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