During my time studying in the US we visited a church in Houston Texas. The pastor there had a huge impact and our class got into a conversation with him about leadership. That pastor shared  five simple questions that he asked himself and challenged his congregation to answer every year to clarify. He believed that they helped people clarify what they believed and what they were called to be and do. I recently came across them again in a book of devotions he gave us. It struck me that whether consciously or unconsciously every single person’s lives are shaped by their answers to these questions. Consciously is better.

These questions may be simple yet our answers to them will be deeply significant for the direction of our lives.

 I have noticed that many people are revaluating things about their life at the moment. I think this is both because we tend to do that kind of thing at the start of a new year but also because  the pandemic has caused many of us to question what we are doing and why we are doing it.

I want to invite you to grab a coffee, or drink of your choice, sit down somewhere comfortable and spend sometime thinking about and answering these simply but significant questions. Remember you are answering these questions as someone who acknowledges Jesus as your Lord with all that entails.

How does that impact your answers?

What parts of Scripture lead you to the conclusions you make and how you answer these questions?

WHO AM I? …. The question of identity

WHY AM I HERE? …. The question of purpose

WHAT DO I BELIEVE? …. The question of belief

WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME? …. The question of values

WHERE AM I GOING? …. The question of destiny

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