In 1887 Ludwich Nobel, Alfred Nobel’s brother died. A Swedish newspaper mixed the brothers up and thought it was Alfred who had passed away. They then published an obituary entitled


Alfred Nobel had invented dynamite and opened up the pandora’s box of high explosives. His invention, which made him a very wealthy man,  magnified the killing power of weapons, and he had been largely indifferent to the suffering it had caused. Nobel was horrified by how people saw him and decided to try and rewrite how history would judge his legacy. He left his wealth to a foundation that would offer humanitarian prizes, including the now world famous Nobel Peace Prize. Today Alfred Nobel is mainly remembered by most people for a prize that encouraged peace making rather than an invention that caused death. He successful rewrote his own epitaph.

So here is the question I have been pondering, if someone who knew me really well were to write my obituary now, what would it say?

What about you? How would they sum up your life to this point?

Its at this point I am glad I am Christian because my past is forgiven and because of the work of the Holy Spirit I can rewrite my epitaph. I can make my future better than my past.

Let me leave you with this thought, what do you want to be remembered for and what are you doing to ensure you are?

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