There used to be a TV series, at least in the UK, called TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED. I think that would be a great four-word summary of the Bible.

Just think about it, the God of the Bible continually does unexpected things in unexpected ways.

No one expected God to pick the pagan Abraham to build his people through.

Everyone expected God to choose one of Jessie’s older more impressive sons to be King, God chose David the shepherd boy.

Everyone expected Goliath to win that fight, but God did the unexpected.

No one expected God’s Messiah to be born to a poor young woman from a backward part of the country in a stable with shepherds and pagans as an audience. .

Nobody expected the Messiah to choose a ragtag group of mainly uneducated fishermen and former Roman collaborators to be the leaders in the inbreaking Kingdom of God.  

No one expected Saul the fanatical persecutor of the Church to become Paul the Apostle

You get the picture.

God delights to do the unexpected so with our God we should expect the unexpected.

So often I find myself mentally trying to fit God into my box, thinking he will always do things the way I think is best or the way he has done things in the past.

Yet so often he surprises me and does what I didn’t expect.

I am trying to learn to be open and expect the unexpected from God

What about you? Are you expecting the unexpected from God?

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